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Are You a Serial Entrepreneur?   The dream of being self-employed and making a great income is what most everyone strives for these days. Working at home as a career is an ideal situation everyone would like to find themselves in. It isn't as difficult as some might think. The problem is spreading oneself too thin. Becoming a self-made entrepreneur can become addicting, wanting to go from one success to another-working 50, 60, and even 70 hour weeks. For the stay at home entrepreneurs it is easier to find one avenue, like direct marketing or internet sales. Today's workers want to work more on their terms. They want to work on something that is satisfying to them, and with people that are trustworthy and respected. Individuals want more control over their work, time, and lifestyle. They want to feel rewarded for the work they put in and what they do. Working for oneself has even become more popular in small towns where mills, and other big businesses have long since left town and left people without jobs. Home-based business owners often call themselves small business owners, self-employed, consultants or contractors. In fact, working at home is not a new idea. ...

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Wonderful Ways to Increase Revenue

Wonderful Ways to Increase Revenue Every single business aims to increase sales and make profit. If there are no sales, there will be no business in the first place. In fact, most companies die because of lack of or enough sales. In order to make sales, you need customers. Customers are important pillars of any business. So you must focus on your customers if you want to increase your company's revenue. Customers must also trust you; otherwise they won't buy from you. So, you must learn how to increase revenue by serving the customer in the best possible manner. You must also learn to provide your customers with the right messages at the right time so that they can desire to do business with you.   Here are the top ways to increase revenue:   Increase marketing: Doing business without marketing is like ploughing a garden without planting. The best customer acquisition strategy is not possible without marketing. Just imagine, even the well-known brands like Google and Amazon still market themselves to increase revenue. How much more marketing do you then need in your customer acquisition efforts? Conduct a market research in order to know where to find your customers ...

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Secure Your Home and Family

Secure Your Home and Family There are certain circumstances that any homeowner is afraid of. One of the things that one would not want to take place in his home is to be entered by burglars and illegal intruders; such fear cannot be simply disregarded. There are times that thieves would enter a house while the family is on a vacation or the parents are at work. There are even some instances that burglars dare go inside houses despite the fact that the members of the family are all inside. Sadly though, there are some people who think that such incidence is a rare event and the chances of their house getting robbed are very low. If you are a homeowner and you are thinking about the safety of your family and your valuables, here are some reminders that you should take into consideration: 1. It is not enough that you settle for sturdy doors and windows. It does not mean that you should not invest in stable and sturdy doors and windows; of course not. What we are simply trying to say is that burglars are smart enough to know the weak points of any house. You should not ...

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